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All Products

Mortal Kombat Baraka 1:12 Action Figure


From the video game Mortal Kombat 2, this figure features Baraka who was part of a nomadic race of mutants living in the waste-lands of the Outworld. Baraka led the attack against Liu Kang’s Shaolin Temple. His fighting skills gained the attention of Shao Kahn who recruited him into his army. As a kontestant in the Mortal Kombat tournament, he will ensure his emperor’s claim to Earthrealm.

Product Features

1/12 Scale

Made of plastic

From the Mortal Kombat game series

Highly articulated

Scorpion figure not included

Box Contents

Baraka figure

Alternate head

2 Pairs of blades

4 Pairs of hands

Blade spark effect

2 Pairs of injured effect parts

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