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All Products

Predator Warrior 1/4 Scale Figure


Warrior Predator: The City Hunter Predator selects a crime-laden urban sector as its hunting grounds, preying upon heavily-armed gang elements and competing drug factions. The Predator’s actions are initially mistaken for violent infighting. The movie’s protagonist, Lieutenant Michael Harrigan is introduced to a governmental special unit which is supposedly assigned to the investigation of the drug cartels but which is actually dispatched to capture the Predator. The City Hunter annihilates the special unit, leaving only the dogged Harrigan. Harrigan appropriates the Predator’s throwing disk and dismembers by the Predator’s forearm before the latter can activate his self-destruct. Harrigan tracks the wounded Predator to the Predator ship, ultimately using the throwing disk to kill the latter. Immediately afterwards a handful of Warrior Predators, having observed the battle, are revealed, showing their respect for Harrigan’s resolve by presenting Harrigan with a flintlock pistol.

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